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We find the right words.

Clear, genuine and effective ones that convince people that you’re the real deal. And that make them want to work with you.

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You’ve got us at your side for any marketing materials you need to put together. You’ll have a fresh perspective on all that stuff you’ve been looking at for weeks, and be able to get those campaigns out the door on time – with results.

That makes things better for you, your business, and your customers. Your role becomes easier, because we take care of the specialist writing. Your business does better, because your marketing materials work harder for you. And your customers are happy, because now they know why you’re the best at what you do, and that solves a problem for them.

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Lucy Square - 256x256Copywriting: a one-sided persuasive chat (or argument)

Meet Percolate’s director, Lucy Smith.

I once got told by a boss that “you argue too much”.

My response? “No, I don’t.”

Hey, I was 18. But since then, I’ve channelled that particular trait into something much more useful – copywriting. After all, sales and marketing is all about the art of persuasion and constructive arguing.

I’ve been a professional writer of some kind for more than 10 years now. I’ve dabbled in journalism and I did a stint in university corporate communications. (And if you think what you do is hard to put into plain English, ask me about the time I had to write a press release about Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy.) I even worked as a librarian for a while, so I know a thing or two about research.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to see the world from your audience’s perspective. I can pull relevant information out of a wad of pages and make it into something they’ll act on. And I won’t argue with you, I’ll argue for you.

We show your customers, in plain simple English, why they should be doing exactly what you want them to.

We’re not into writing long, flowery sales spiels that show off our mastery of words, but don’t actually help you or your customers.

Our writer’s ego stays firmly at the door. Instead, we use those writing and persuasion skills to get your customers to do what you need them to – whether it’s to sign up for your service, request your quote, or buy your product.

And when they have, they go away feeling helped and happy – because they found you.


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