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Winter 2013

% In The

Bluebird Light Plus

Repetition can be a persuasion power tool. It’s oratory 101.

Maybe that was what Bluebird was going for here. Unfortunately, this copy feels like filler, thrown together at the last minute before the print deadline.

Now, there are some okay ideas here. The brand is obviously aimed at health-conscious consumers (probably women). The first two sentences aren’t bad (though I’d rather a ‘you’ not ‘people’).

But those bullets! Not only do they directly repeat the (better) sentence above, but they all say basically the same thing. And they’re on the front and back of the packet. Why bother?

Suggestion for the front: 85% less fat, 85% less guilt.

On the whole, the back feels clunky. Why ‘with a reduced fat benefit’? Why not just say ‘with less fat’? There are about four selling features buried in that one sentence. If you really wanted the bullets, you could just about turn that sentence into a set of them.

‘Enjoy!’ is probably the best part. It’s not original, but it’s a dim spark of personality.