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Autumn 2013

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Comfortis flea treatment

I blinked a couple of times when I saw this headline. Am I supposed to use flea treatment on my whole family?

I’m not sure if it was intended as an attention-grabber, or if the copywriter didn’t get the chance to look at it critically. Either way, I’d have led with a strong benefit as the headline instead.

The rest of the copy I like, however. It’s clear on the benefits – easy-to-administer flea treatment (sounds great – I can give my cat a pill no problem, but he HATES the liquid on the neck) that lasts for a month. It engages the reader by talking directly to them, and ends with a good strong call to action. The only thing I’d change is that I’d make the middle paragraph/sentence shorter, or split it into two sentences.

And they’ve done a great job of having the kid looking up at the text to guide you to read it. You don’t see that often enough in ads.