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Autumn 2013

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VTNZ reminder

I love this – a reminder for business, with an offer hidden in an upsell.

VTNZ are all about convenience. It’s why I use them – I can just run in when I’ve got an hour, without having to book the car in. (Bonus: I don’t have to wait until lunchtime, so we’re usually in and out in 20 minutes.)

The independent Check-Up is a clever little upsell. For an extra $30, they check on things the WOF doesn’t cover, like the condition of your engine oil, your tyre pressure, your wiper blades, and so forth. My husband is very vigilant about taking care of the ‘baby’, so I don’t bother, but I absolutely get the appeal.

Applying prizes to it is a great way to get people springing the extra money. Limited time offers are a tried-and-true marketing technique, and they should do pretty well at getting people in the door. Nice one.