In The Wild


Summer 2014

% In The

Who are you really selling to?

Sometimes, a target market is really obvious. Cars. Cellphones. Department stores.

But sometimes there’s a bit of a grey area – a product will appeal to a certain market, but are they the ones you should be targeting? I guess a well-trodden example of this is toys – sure, you want the kids to want it. But you need to convince their parents too. And you might do that by making it appeal to the parents themselves (nostalgia toys) or by the never-fail ‘pester power’, where you make the kid want it so badly they nag their parents until they break their spirits. (My mother still has grey hairs from Christmas 1988 when she spent a full weekend in toy shops searching for one particular Barbie.)

So, to Lynx Dark Temptation. Chocolate-scented deodorant. Everyone knows of The Lynx Effect – use Lynx, be irresistible to women. (I’d however argue that it actually gives most women flashbacks to the smell of the boys’ changing rooms after PE). Certainly that’s the message the product description on their website gives – “Chocolate has the tendency to send women wild… A delicious chocolate body spray that will have women reaching for another piece…of you”.

But there’s another side to women’s stereotypical, yet well-documented, love for chocolate. Women have a huge amount of control over household spending, and still do a big chunk of the family grocery shopping. And faced with ‘Lynx’ or a vague ‘deodorant’ scrawled on a shopping list, the power to choose what their significant other smells like rests with them. So what will they do? They’ll choose what’s appealing to them. And it probably won’t be the tiger-claw stripes of Africa, the blazing sun-like sphere of Fever, or the broken-glass shards of Click – it’ll be the creamy, chocolatey swirls of Dark Temptation.

How do I know this? It’s why the Dark Temptation was in my bathroom in the first place. And it’s why I’ve got a mouthful of 72% as I write.