Summer 2014

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The power of a famous name

shortstories-power-celebrity-nameThe other day, I found this story on a dog training website. The TL;DR version is that a shelter in Brooklyn, New York, is using a novel way to grab the attention of potential dog adopters – by naming the dogs after celebrities. The idea is to create an instant bond between dog and adopter, sparking a flash of recognition that gives either a ‘cool factor’ or just makes a particular dog stand out among the many available.

Names include ZZ Top, Chubby Checker, and Claire Danes. At the moment, they seem to have a Downton Abbey theme going on: Mary Crawley, John Bates, Daisy Mason.

I like this because it’s one of those obvious-when-you-think-about-it things – the dog needs a name, so why not give it one that will make it stand out from the pack? (Pun fully intended.) I’m not sure if they’ve tried to match the personality of the dog with the famous name, but it doesn’t really matter. It still makes a change from Beau and Max and Bella and Rosie, who you normally see in shelters.

I suppose my only gripe is whether people will set their hearts on a dog that’s unsuitable for them because they’re a fan of whatever TV character or celebrity the dog’s named after. Though from what I can tell from the shelter’s website, they’re pretty thorough in their adoption criteria, so I doubt this will be a problem here.

Final thought: the shelter’s name is Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. Its tagline is ‘Saving Badass Dogs from Idiot Humans’.

I wholeheartedly approve.