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ACC Video Script


ACC had engaged recruitment advertising agency HainesAttract to produce a short video clip for their careers site to outline the key competencies they look for in an ACC employee. Working with HainesAttract, Percolate’s brief was to condense down the essence of the four key attributes, make a positive statement for prospective ACC employees, and bring them to life – in a script of 150 words.


The trick with video scripts is to make sure they’re written in such a way they can easily be read aloud by the voice actor. That means short sentences and a careful choice of words so you don’t create tongue twisters to make the voice actor’s life hell. In addition, because this was to be illustrated based on the video, ideas had to be expressed in a way that allowed them to be represented visually. And it was important to give the designers plenty to work with, while staying true to the message.


Everyone was happy with this one. The designers got plenty to illustrate, the voice actor (an ACC employee) was able to inject plenty of enthusiasm into the script, and the end result looks great on the site. Video scripts are great to write, because there’s nothing like seeing words you wrote almost literally spring into being through some excellent storyboarding, design and editing work.

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