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Final Touch Paint Repair


Final Touch was a growing and expanding business, and they needed a new website to look the part. They commissioned Percolate to write new copy for its internal pages that told its story and convinced potential customers that it was a great choice for car detailing, especially as it had its own unique techniques for touching up car paint.


The tricky thing was that Final Touch had a diverse range of target customers – car owners, car dealers, and fleet operators. But what they all had in common was that they’d benefit from an inexpensive way to keep their cars looking good: car owners for the sense of pride in their wheels, dealers because they’d get a better return on investment, and fleet operators because they’d get a better deal at the end of the lease term.

So we wove those benefits into the copy.


Final Touch were very happy with the results they got from the website, so much so that they started using it not just as a brochure site as they had before, but as a sales tool in its own right through social media advertising. It was great to see them getting the satisfaction they wanted from it!

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