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Manuka Vet


Manuka Vet were a recently-formed business that aimed to harness the antibacterial properties of manuka honey for the veterinary industry, specifically for horses. They approached Percolate to write copy to introduce the business and educate customers on their new product.


Never one to turn down anything involving animals, we jumped at this one. It was a fun job that involved lots of research into manuka honey and thinking about how to put quite complex science into plain English, as well as being convincing and persuasive. It was also a good excuse to look at pictures of horses…


One challenge here was trying to appeal to three different target audiences – people with strong veterinary knowledge, people who work with horses, and people who own them. The best thing to do was to collectively think of them as a group of people who love horses and want the best for them. This proved to be a good way to look at it, and the client was very happy with the result. Manuka Vet is now distributed internationally.