What our clients say

It’s a pleasure working with our clients – and it’s great when they feel the same way. Read what they have to say about working with Percolate for copywriting.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Percolate and would never build a website without them again. As a business owner it's easy to focus on the technical detail of what it is we do, but Percolate was able to work with us to understand the why, and communicate this to our customers in a succinct and professional way. Our website traffic and customer conversion rates have increased significantly as a result. The best thing we invested in for our website was Percolate.”

“Lucy's copy was just what we needed – succinct and with a great flow, mood and tone. Throughout the project, she was great at keeping us updated with how everything was coming along, and making helpful suggestions about the best approaches to take. We were delighted with the end result.”

“myPractice is a Practice Management System for Allied Health Professionals in Australia. We engaged Lucy to write copy for our Home Page as well as our individual landing pages for each Health Discipline. The goal being to drive traffic to our Trial Download. The results speak for themselves. The copy provided for the myPractice website was A/B tested against our existing landing page copy and we saw an increased retention rate of 22% as well as an increase in Trial downloads of 42%. We highly recommend Lucy. She is a thorough professional in all aspects of her research, preparation and communication.”

“Lucy's skills are superb. She has the ability to see the bigger picture and create a story that connects with your brand. It is extremely difficult to craft clear concise messages but Lucy listens intently, researches throughly and delivers excellent results on time. Her content reels the reader in and entices further reading rather than becoming bored. I highly recommend her.”

“Lucy wrote and maintained all our website content and marketing material for our business. She has a very good understanding of how to write effectively and entice customers to accept a suggested call to action. Some people can write copy that is fun and interesting but to be able to write a fun and interesting copy that makes people take action is a rare skill and Lucy has this. With Lucy's help we have exceeded our own expectations with customers and customer take up of our service. She has the ability to get the desired message through written text that delivers not only a good customer experience but a good outcome for the business involved. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wishes to have written content that is not only a great read but encourages action.”