Hand your customers a printed brochure or information sheet, and what happens?

Do they get an enthusiastic gleam in their eye and bury themselves in it? Or do they mutter a thanks and take a quick glance, before they bury it in their bag or briefcase?

Printed marketing materials are a hefty investment for any business. So naturally you want your customers to actually read what you’re giving them.

And that’s where you need professional copywriting.

Copywriting is much more than filling in the blanks left by your designers. It’s there to present the facts your customers want, and to complement the job your salesperson does. And it helps to give your customers confidence in buying from you.

Print marketing materials on quality stock, with professional design and copywriting, can be an important part of your marketing package. It’s a key marketing touchpoint, so you’ve got to get attention and trust right from the start.

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