Web and Digital

Content creation. SEO copywriting. Digital and online marketing.

You’ll hear these terms every day if you spend enough time online. If it all seems like a bit of a dark art, you’ve come to the right place.

You only have a few seconds to get a site visitor’s attention. Make it too hard for them to find what they’re looking for, and they’ll take their credit cards elsewhere. Maybe they’ll even go to that other site they’ve got open in the next tab.

What we’ve learned over the years is that it’s still people first, computers second. Sure, we’ll get the right keywords in for SEO. And we’ll write metadata the way the search engines like it.

But it’s the people, your customers, who are going to buy from you. So they’re our top priority.

There’s much more to web copywriting than SEO copywriting. We’ve written copy for ecommerce businesses, including product descriptions and online articles. We’ve done full corporate websites. Get your online copywriting whipped into shape.

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